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Tuesday, June 11th, 2013

“Nothing endures but change.” — Heraclitus

And boy was he right.

Over the last two years, I’ve gone from career profession to entrepreneurship and then from having a +1 to being just uno again after 17 anos. All big changes that at times felt like a real assault on me.

But the thing about change is that it heightens ones consciousness, snaps you out of what had been a dull monotony to…LIFE and living. There is no option but to hold onto life, stare at its face, shake it to its core and deal with it, everyday. And when all is said and done, you realize, you lived.

I guess, change isn’t that bad at all.

Lists Rule.

Tuesday, January 1st, 2013

LISTS have always worked for me. I have a list of my lists, that’s how religious I am to this little know trick.

You see, it’s like a magic trick. The “start a list and watch it happen” trick.

First you write it all down. Just write it. All of it.

No form.

No format.

No order.

And you see the first trick happen. You have a list.

Then forget you have a list…except, once in a while, read it.

In between, work hard. On whatever. WHATEVER, yes.

But whatever it is, the trick is, you gotta give it all. ALL.

YOUR all. And each day, you say, “did I give it my all?”

You don’t look at the person beside you.

You don’t ask your best friend.

You don’t ask that special someone.

You don’t seek out a therapist.

You ask yourself….”did I give it my all?”


Sometimes that’s hard to ask. And hard to answer. So ask it quietly. like in a whisper.

and like I said, go back to the list. Once in a while. Not every day. Not even every week.

Just once in a while, when in the quiet you ask, “did I give it my all” ….look at the list.

Because then you will know. And you will smile. 

A Message from The Huffs

Saturday, December 8th, 2012


The Anti-Consumerist’s Holiday List

Friday, October 19th, 2012

I walked the seasonal section of a home improvement store and found that holiday decorations are now on display. There was a couple admiring and choosing holiday decorations. That reminded me that – of course, the holiday is coming and with it comes the frenzy of shopping and buying and the almost maniacal search for that perfect toy or gift to give. It made me sad to think that this season – one I always think of as family and friends enjoying each other’s company, can at times teeter into crazy land. I do that as well, I hate to admit.

This season, with the crepe cart going strong and having met so many small business owners from chefs, artists, craftsmen, crafters, letterpress, musicians – I have decided that I can spend with a conscience if I carefully thought how where and how my money is spent.

Small business owners don’t have agents or marketing staff. They are their staff. They are their agent. They are their marketing staff. I will buy from them because then my money goes directly to where it needs to go.

Need greeting cards or holiday wrappers? Why, Allison over at Igloo Letterpress inWorthingtonmakes beautifully crafted custom-cards, sassy ones, the ones your friends always ask, “where did you get that from?”

Need gifts for families with babies? How about an organic teether from Little Aloutte on etsy. The owner has kids they’ve tested their product on, it’s cute and it’s organic…I bet they’ve through this through and they’d appreciate the business.

Have you seen the chic purses of on ETSY! Who wouldn’t want to buy from them when the store’s tagline say, “I’d rather carry a heavy purse, than a heavy conscience.“ SOLD.

And shirts…made inOHIO? They got it over at State of Devotion!

There are so many to choose from…if you carefully think it through, the many ways your dollars are stretched when you buy from small business owners.

Baked Goods from Sassafras Bakery – Visit them at

As for the mobile gourmet industry, YOU are the most important person when you’re hungry. Don’t you want to shake the hand of the person that feeds you? Knowing who made what you’re eating gives your food more integrity. Where does that food truck or cart get their ingredients? Ask them. It’s likely local, from a farmer within 60 miles of where you live.

Sorry if you read this and think it’s preachy. It’s just almost that time of the year and I think we can all use the reminder.


Thursday, June 14th, 2012

Less Prayer, More Good Work

Friday, April 6th, 2012

Every Good Friday, there’s a lot of news about how Filipinos commemorate this Holy Christian day. As a Filipina living abroad, I get asked about it quite often. CNN does a good job of highlighting some of the more barbaric rituals.

Yes I have seen people nailing themselves to the cross — quite literally. I have also seen men (or maybe women, who knows) self-flagellate. Part of the ritual is to cover yourself so that no one can identify you. These rituals are cultural — evolved from the religious although I no longer believe it’s religious since I don’t really hear anyone from the Vatican or today’s Catholic Church encouraging people to do this.

I am not one who will stop/judge someone for how they wish to express their religious faith but for the amount of help needed to bring our country (Philippines) in order, I think we can use a little less prayer (and outright self mutilation for some expectation of Divine grace) and a lot more good work.

For example:

Instead of Praying a Novena or Rosary Everyday = Don’t bribe the police officer who is about to give you a ticket

Instead of Going to Church Everyday, Not Just Sundays = Don’t vote for that corrupt politician just because you expect to ‘benefit’ from their political office.

How about turning the karaoke mic down after 9pm and not turning it on before 9am so that you’re being neighborly?

What about that uncle who has 8 children….from 4 mothers — and he’s onto his 5th girlfriend. He could use less self-flagellation and more just straight talk of “don’t be such an as*hole.” Man up.

There’s more…but you get my point.

Simple acts can truly sometimes be more liberating to a soul that yearns to be closer to God. I think simple but honest everyday acts cuts it.

my thoughts on Good Friday 2012.

Truth and Honesty

Thursday, March 29th, 2012
“When a woman tells the truth she is creating the possibility for more truth around her.” — Adrienne Rich
Today, Adrienne Rich, a pioneering feminist poet died. In her many works, the quote on truth is most striking to me. There is truth, as in being honest. Then there is being true — most importantly to one’s self. I think you can’t really be true to other people, lest you first be true to yourself…and sometimes that’s the hardest part.

Enough and Good Enough

Friday, March 9th, 2012

Enough. What a a powerful word. It reminds me that I need to know when to stop. One time, someone greeted me, “I wish you enough in life” and it was a good wish for me. I’ve never done too much excess in life anyway but it still good to be reminded. Sometimes i wonder, how many people who bought into the era of the McMansion could have been helped financially by the same powerful word — enough.

The reverse is true for me on the words, “good enough.” I think good enough is one succumbing to mediocrity and this I find disturbing. Don’t get me mistaken. I am not one out there for perfection but I am for passion. Endeavors worth doing, are worth doing with passion. So good enough is never enough.

Merry Christmas from The Huffs!

Wednesday, December 14th, 2011

Merry Christmas To All Our Family and Friends!

We send you all our love and wish you all the best tidings the holidays bring.

We also wish you an even better 2012!

Our biggest family news this year is the opening of our store front called The Computer Lab! In May 2011, we opened the doors to a local PC/Laptop/LCD TV sales and repair store conveniently located only a block away from where we live. Sandwiched between a music store and a carryout, we have been received well and now see customers that come throughout Columbus and neighboring cities. We have been truly fortunate that we’ve seen success despite being open for less than a year.

Topher graduated from High School and works at The Computer Lab while waiting to get started with college this Winter 2012. He has been taking his job quite seriously and shows up consistently, and has been learning the combination of professionalism and customer service. YAY! We have truly been proud of how he has stepped up to the plate. We have a Store Manager, Michael, that works Part-Time and has been with us for over a year now. The hours that Michael and Topher put in make it easy to keep the store open as Tom continues to focus on his IT consulting work.

Alex is now a Junior at Thomas Worthington High School. He continues to take these impressive Advanced Placement classes. We try to remind him not to rush through High School but he seems intent. He is now on a track of researching colleges, universities, degrees and careers so if you get a call from him for advice, don’t be surprised. What a big decision that will soon be coming his way! He also helps at the store as needed but his spare time seem spent on creating elaborate ceramic bowls —- watch out Christmas gifts for uncles, aunts and grandparents!

Dakota is now in 6th grade and is enjoying every bit of his last year with Colonial Hills Elementary. He is still our sporty kid, juggling both basketball and competitive swimming. He also picked up a paper route this year to help us pay for some of the sports equipment/gear he needs (uhm, wants). He is also big into art this year and declared (at least to Grandpa Huff) that he wants to pursue architecture….we’ll see if that sticks. One of his art work was selected to be displayed at the School District’s main office lobby for a month and another art work was selected to be sent to Japan for a local school competition in a sister city. He looks forward to finding out the results from that but he’s also just glad thinking that his work made it all the way there, the other side of the globe.

KJ is 5 and started Kindergarten. He loves (LOVES) school and everything about it….from the new friends, the lunch boxes, the homework, recess, his teachers, playdates after school — the whole bit. He is also learning how to swim and goes to gymnastics classes once a week. He LOVES gymnastics where he tumbles, does cartwheels, attempts head stands and all that — all without getting into trouble. We are glad.

Our children continue to be our biggest blessing as we watch them grow into their own selves and become the person that they are/will be. Tom and I took a trip this year to London and Paris that was a big treat for us. We have been fortunate to be able to take time away from our daily hustle bustle so we can also have time to enjoy each other. Rosa lost her job at Nationwide Children’s in September after a higher than usual cut in federal funding for her area. She’s been spending her time helping at the store and reassessing what 2012 might bring for her (will keep everyone posted!). Tom has seen a lot of out-of-state trips for more national clients. The trip to Europe is one we continue to talk about, cherish and enjoy remembering.

Our schedules have been hectic and green seem to be ‘in’ so I hope this blog sends everyone the same warmth and sincerity as our usual greeting card.

We send you all our love.

The Huffs

Tom, Rose, Topher, Alex, Dak and KeiJay