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Monday, October 25th, 2010

Early this year, I whimsically googled my great grandfather’s name, “Sabas Gaerlan.” I was not expecting a result. I thought perhaps a mention of a Sabas of Hispanic and/or Latin American origin but certainly, not one who was related to me.

What google brought up was this entry:

Casuratan Ti Biagco, Sabas Gaerlan as translated by Jane Guerrero

Sabas Gaerlan’s journal, as translated by Jane G. Guerrero. The synopsis confirmed that the book was my great grandfather’s journal. He wrote it in deep, deep Ilokano (a regional Filipino dialect) that the author could not translate the whole journal, but just sections of it.

I immediately bought the book (and several copies for relatives) and I am taking my time reading it. I cannot find enough words to express how important this gift was to us, his descendants. It is a wonderful insight into who he was as a person, what our family was like, how involved our family was in helping communities rebuild right after the Spanish-American war and more importantly, a documentation of how life was for Filipinos right before the turn of the century.

Thank you Sabas.

Thank you Jane Guerrero.


Friday, August 27th, 2010

I have been away from home for over 16 years. At some point, when I’ve lived longer away from home, than lived “at” home, I wonder if it would ever change the way I feel it. I don’t think it ever will change. What does home feel like? For me it’s that place where you can just take off your shoes, kick back and relax. It’s where jokes are funnier…because they are said in your own language and you’d never miss the punch line. You will always be understood and words would always flow naturally, the way they should. Food will ALWAYS be appetizing. It is also a place of love, where family and close friends are just in arm’s reach.  Two seasons, wet or dry. Humid, all the time. Watching the sun rise…or the sun set? Everyday.

I will be home soon and I’m happy for that.

Sunset in Boracay - Taken in 1997

Sunset in Boracay - Taken in 1997