Lists Rule.

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LISTS have always worked for me. I have a list of my lists, that’s how religious I am to this little know trick.

You see, it’s like a magic trick. The “start a list and watch it happen” trick.

First you write it all down. Just write it. All of it.

No form.

No format.

No order.

And you see the first trick happen. You have a list.

Then forget you have a list…except, once in a while, read it.

In between, work hard. On whatever. WHATEVER, yes.

But whatever it is, the trick is, you gotta give it all. ALL.

YOUR all. And each day, you say, “did I give it my all?”

You don’t look at the person beside you.

You don’t ask your best friend.

You don’t ask that special someone.

You don’t seek out a therapist.

You ask yourself….”did I give it my all?”


Sometimes that’s hard to ask. And hard to answer. So ask it quietly. like in a whisper.

and like I said, go back to the list. Once in a while. Not every day. Not even every week.

Just once in a while, when in the quiet you ask, “did I give it my all” ….look at the list.

Because then you will know. And you will smile. 

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