The Anti-Consumerist’s Holiday List

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I walked the seasonal section of a home improvement store and found that holiday decorations are now on display. There was a couple admiring and choosing holiday decorations. That reminded me that – of course, the holiday is coming and with it comes the frenzy of shopping and buying and the almost maniacal search for that perfect toy or gift to give. It made me sad to think that this season – one I always think of as family and friends enjoying each other’s company, can at times teeter into crazy land. I do that as well, I hate to admit.

This season, with the crepe cart going strong and having met so many small business owners from chefs, artists, craftsmen, crafters, letterpress, musicians – I have decided that I can spend with a conscience if I carefully thought how where and how my money is spent.

Small business owners don’t have agents or marketing staff. They are their staff. They are their agent. They are their marketing staff. I will buy from them because then my money goes directly to where it needs to go.

Need greeting cards or holiday wrappers? Why, Allison over at Igloo Letterpress inWorthingtonmakes beautifully crafted custom-cards, sassy ones, the ones your friends always ask, “where did you get that from?”

Need gifts for families with babies? How about an organic teether from Little Aloutte on etsy. The owner has kids they’ve tested their product on, it’s cute and it’s organic…I bet they’ve through this through and they’d appreciate the business.

Have you seen the chic purses of on ETSY! Who wouldn’t want to buy from them when the store’s tagline say, “I’d rather carry a heavy purse, than a heavy conscience.“ SOLD.

And shirts…made inOHIO? They got it over at State of Devotion!

There are so many to choose from…if you carefully think it through, the many ways your dollars are stretched when you buy from small business owners.

Baked Goods from Sassafras Bakery – Visit them at

As for the mobile gourmet industry, YOU are the most important person when you’re hungry. Don’t you want to shake the hand of the person that feeds you? Knowing who made what you’re eating gives your food more integrity. Where does that food truck or cart get their ingredients? Ask them. It’s likely local, from a farmer within 60 miles of where you live.

Sorry if you read this and think it’s preachy. It’s just almost that time of the year and I think we can all use the reminder.

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