Is Food from Food Trucks and Carts Clean and Safe to Eat?

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Hot Food should be hot.

Cold Food should be cold.

This is generally the rule that I follow.

More specifically, food trucks and carts have food safety temperatures they need to abide by if they were truly following the rules. The certifications that a small business food truck/cart owner must go through is quite rigid. It is through the county Department of Health, the local Public Safety Department and the Fire Department. These guys are quite thorough inspectors and you only need to ask a food truck/cart owner their licensing story and you’ll hear quite an epic. It’s not easy.

But that’s how it should work.

In addition to the rigid licensing, food trucks and carts are subject to random inspections during events. Crepes A La Carte had the Fire Safety Department personnel randomly inspect us during Red, White and Boom. We were ready and we passed.

So you might ask, is food from food trucks and carts clean and safe to eat?

Just use some of the common sense rules:

a.)    Does the truck or cart look clean?

b.)    Look at food preparation or observe how the cooks are working – are they working on clean surfaces and using clean equipment?

c.)    If your food is hot, is it? If it’s supposed to be cold, is it?

d.)   Peek through their licenses, it should be there and it should be up-to-date.

Food trucks and carts can’t hide behind a kitchen wall. We are right there exposed to you…our consumers. That means you see how fresh our ingredients are. You will also see how clean our working spaces are. Most of us pay attention to all that.

Who doesn’t want food prepared with absolute care? I don’t.

I truck and cart … and I know what I’m getting.

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