Less Prayer, More Good Work

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Every Good Friday, there’s a lot of news about how Filipinos commemorate this Holy Christian day. As a Filipina living abroad, I get asked about it quite often. CNN does a good job of highlighting some of the more barbaric rituals.

Yes I have seen people nailing themselves to the cross — quite literally. I have also seen men (or maybe women, who knows) self-flagellate. Part of the ritual is to cover yourself so that no one can identify you. These rituals are cultural — evolved from the religious although I no longer believe it’s religious since I don’t really hear anyone from the Vatican or today’s Catholic Church encouraging people to do this.

I am not one who will stop/judge someone for how they wish to express their religious faith but for the amount of help needed to bring our country (Philippines) in order, I think we can use a little less prayer (and outright self mutilation for some expectation of Divine grace) and a lot more good work.

For example:

Instead of Praying a Novena or Rosary Everyday = Don’t bribe the police officer who is about to give you a ticket

Instead of Going to Church Everyday, Not Just Sundays = Don’t vote for that corrupt politician just because you expect to ‘benefit’ from their political office.

How about turning the karaoke mic down after 9pm and not turning it on before 9am so that you’re being neighborly?

What about that uncle who has 8 children….from 4 mothers — and he’s onto his 5th girlfriend. He could use less self-flagellation and more just straight talk of “don’t be such an as*hole.” Man up.

There’s more…but you get my point.

Simple acts can truly sometimes be more liberating to a soul that yearns to be closer to God. I think simple but honest everyday acts cuts it.

my thoughts on Good Friday 2012.

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