Valentine’s Day | A Family Affair

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For at least 15 years, the Filipino Senior Citizens of Central Ohio (FilSeCo) always hosted a Valentine’s Day Dinner-Dance Party. It was always well-attended by families, adult children, little grandkids, and always open to friends and family. It was a semi-formal affair where everyone dressed up, had a sit down fancy dinner, then dancing after with a live band or a local DJ. In other words, good clean fun and truly A Family Affair.

This year, our Lolos and Lolas (now in their 70s and 80s) have decided to hang up their boots. It was too sad to think that there will no longer be a V-Day party so PASCO, the longest running socio-cultural organization decided to host it for the community. I couldn’t help but think this was like the symbolic passing of the torch but what a nice legacy to leave to us. It was like they were telling us, work hard, study well but don’t take yourselves too seriously. Once in awhile, dress up, mind your ‘Ps’ and ‘Qs’ and have some good clean fun with your friends family….oh, and don’t forget to show us your boogie.


Maraming Salamat po, FILSECO.


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