Seared Tuna

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I like tuna cooked medium-rare.

tuna, 8 ounces

mirin, 1 tbsp

honey, 2 tbsp

rice vinegar, 1 tbsp

sesame oil, 1 tbsp

soy sauce, 1/4 cup

sesame seeds

mix all the liquid ingredients. save 1/2 of it as dipping sauce.

heat pan until it is HOT! dip the tuna into the sauce, then into a bowl of sesame seeds

move to hot pan and cook for 60 seconds on each side or until you see some brown on your fish.

Wha-la! SEARED TUNA…don’t forget to slice it into thin strips and serve over a hot steaming bowl of rice or just on top of fresh greens for an even lighter dinner.

I got this recipe from I didn’t have it with wasabi paste tonight.


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