Oui Paris!

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You fall in love in Paris because you are surrounded by extremely good looking people who speak lyrical words you don’t understand.

In the middle of the busy subway station, someone plays the violin, the harp, even a cello — making time stand still even just for a song.

Surrounding you are buildings that have lived for centuries. They serve as a landmark to men that have lived before us. If you stood still and stared, you sense that hundred-year-old soul in them yearning to reach out to you with stories to share.

Napoleon re-drew Paris and they never touched it since. He had good taste. Today any renovation can only be done to the interiors of a building. Nothing touched outside. No wonder movers use windows to hurl furniture up to apartments.

I sat on a bench along Les Champs Elysees. This beautiful avenue witnessed horror as Nazis marched in during those dark days. But of course it was also there to greet Lance Armstrong at the end of each Tour de France, especially the one he won right after battling cancer. What a historic site. Today it is lined with high end stores – Cartier, Peugeot and of course, there is a Starbucks. I feel like it should have been kept the way it is but such is life….even avenues move on.

Food Porn? It’s there. Coffee and Coffee Houses, everywhere. It was ironic to me that Starbucks thrives but they do… courtesy of young Parisians that find it trendier than the traditional coffee shop on the corner. Guess where I chose to sip my latte.

So yes, Paris is all they say it is…and more. I will be back someday.

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