My Almost Family

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Growing up, I was surrounded by family, literally living behind our home, beside us and everyone lived no more than 20 miles away from each other. Visiting Grandma was a weekly occasion. Because everyone was nearby, I was surrounded by aunts, uncles, cousins, and other extended family members. Child care was never an issue. There was a solid sense of security being around all of them.


I want my kids to have the same experience but with my family living halfway across the globe and Tom’s family spread across the country, this is just not possible.


Making friends is not hard for me but making friends with other adults raising children with similar ages as my kids needed a bit more effort. It took years but here we are — my almost family


Needless to say, the friends I’ve come to know in Columbushave enriched our lives tremendously. They truly are now my family. We’ve watched our children grow, we exchange parenting tips, we watch each other’s children so that we can sneak out for a movie, coffee or even just a quiet trip to the grocery.


It truly takes a village to raise kids.


I’m incredibly fortunate.

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