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I say “the real deal” because if you’ve ever walked into an indoor gardening store like I did one time, you’ll slowly realize they are selling a ‘different’ kind of plant in there. No kidding.

This winter has been extremely mild so I’ve been inspired to start my 2012 garden indoors even as early as January. I’ve been following the writers (and of course Master Gardeners) Barbara Damrosch and Eliot Coleman, owners of Four Season Market in Harborside,Maine. I’ve read most of Coleman’s books and he is extremely generous in sharing information and quite detailed in his descriptions for techniques to use for four season gardening. I’m far from being able to raise vegetables during all four seasons but one never knows…maybe one day I will.

This year I’ve been able to select the veggies I will raise this summer. I’ve been raising more and more Asian vegetables – okra, Chinese eggplant, long beans, ampalaya (bitter melon). I add this to the usual garden staple of tomatoes, carrots, and summer squash. New for my garden this year are the addition of beets and lavender (herb). A friend also plans on sharing his asparagus with me this see so we’ll see how they all turn out.

What I’ve started so far are herbs — cilantro, chives, and basil. I figured I can probably just raise them indoors and yes they are thriving. I also planted ginger and garlic but only because they started growing spuds and I hated to throw them. Yes, I’ve also repurposed my plastic milk jugs and even a fancy grab-me Victoria’s Secret bag into my seed starting kit this year. Call me cheap.

I hope to blog about the progress of my garden this year. I also plan on blogging about my compost and my worms! If you are also a gardener, leave me a note and maybe we can grab coffee sometime and exchange stories. I’d love to hear what other gardeners are doing.


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